THE SPELL KIT BOX / Breakdown 

WAND // 

Foraged wood from pine trees locally, hand-wrapped with vegan suede and made by a woman.. These magical wands come to us from the courtesy of Mystical Mushroom. With the highest quality herkimer diamonds, aquamarine, and a gorgeous clear quartz point for amplification of energy on top. You don't know your true powers until you hold a magic wand...and let's be honest, where else can you get one of these!?


Invite the power of the super-flower-blood moon into your spiritual safe-haven. Charged under last months full, supermoon and infused with beautiful clear quartz chips! This can be used for cleansing your energy field, cleansing a space before a ritual or prior to making a spell. Spray it on your plants, favorite crystals, & more! 


The amplifier, the healer, the divine. These grade A clear quartz towers are the most versatile crystal in your collection. They're purity, a clean slate so to speak, and they amplify every desire while also creating a clearing of negative energy in any space. They work in all spiritual rituals + applications. They're especially powerful for helping you receiving downloads and channeled messages. 


Chime candles are specifically used in spell-making or rituals for divination purposes. This candle can be lit during a ritual and placed in a candle holder or bottom of a cauldron. Use it on any moon cycle phase or drip the wax overtop of your spell vial when finished + sealed. The white symbolizes purity, air, rebirth, and new beginnings. 


The perfect blend of spell-making herbs at your fingertips! This little pouch is packed with organic herbs, blended to perfection. This blend is made for inviting prosperity, abundance, and magic for those new beginnings you're seeking! Blend of : Lavender, Mugwort, Sage, and Rosemary


An empty spell vial for your own magical creation! Made with sustainable glass + cork. This is a 10 dram vial (very large compared to normally spells which come in about 5 dram) Your powers await...