What type of products come in the box each month? 

With every box, you can expect to receive crystals and/or crystal towers, cleansing tools such as palo santo, sage bundles, and more! We include a wide range of skincare items such as bath salts, bath bombs, skin serums, body oil, face mists, chakra balms, etc. We also curate with ritualistic items for every box, so that means spell bottles, ritual mists, moon water, protection oils, guidance balms and so much more! 

Where do you source your products?

Every product-related item in the box is made by our parent company - Glaminizers. Glaminizers produces ethical, sustainable, clean, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and vegan products. Every product is sourced using the same values as the foundational approach. 

All other items such as crystals, stones, and cleansing tools are sourced from various places across the US. All of our supplies are family-owned small businesses and primarily women-owned. This allows us to support smaller businesses like us who are doing the work the right way. 

Our sage and palo santo both come from family-owned, women-owned businesses. The amazing certifications our suppliers have is the reason we feel empowered sourcing with them. Our palo santo warrants very serious harvesting conditions and requirements. We are proud to say we support a company that harvests only fallen trees under the most strict guidelines and supports local, family farmers in South America. Our supplier is also committed to the conversation and reforestation of the beloved trees.